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Which Cloud Service?

Which cloud service for your business?

The main appeal of cloud computing is that customers only use what they need, and only pay for what they actually use but the range and quality of services on offer varies tremendously, so we recommend that you investigate the market.

Public Cloud: Virtualised resources available over the Internet from an off-site third-party provider and shared by multiple customers.

The public cloud has turned traditional IT on its head and businesses of all sizes are finding these cloud services beneficial as you can instantly and automatically control virtual servers as demand dictates, and only pay for what you use.

  • Experimenting with new applications quickly and cheaply
  • Getting new applications and services off the ground really, really fast
  • Unpredictable workloads that occasionally demand lots of computing resource
  • Bandwidth-intensive media delivery

Public cloud is great for getting instant, low-cost, hassle-free access to massive amounts of computing power just when you need it. For predictable stuff you use every day, private cloud is likely to be more cost-efficient.

Private Cloud: Virtual servers either in your own data centre or a third-party data centre, which you can instantly scale up and scale down to accommodate different workloads. The infrastructure may be shared among different applications, but it’s only ever used by your organisation.

  • Increasing the efficiency of hardware resources you own whether on-premise or hosted
  • Ensuring optimum performance and flexibility for cloud-based applications
  • Added peace of mind around data security

Private Cloud allows company corporate networks and data centre administrators to effectively become in-house ‘service providers’ purchasing, setting up and managing their own clouds. Not all data, apps and processes belong in a shared, pay-as-you-go environment and your business requirements may need to be steered towards a Hybrid Cloud strategy.

Hybrid Cloud: The optimum mix of public cloud, private cloud and hard disk infrastructure for your organisation. Essentially, Hybrid Cloud is all about you – because every organisation is different, and can benefit from the cloud in different ways.

  • Running different types of cloud in harmony
  • Loading heavy projects which can’t easily be handled with in-house servers
  • Saving your company the extra cost of purchasing exclusive server hardware
  • Global reach – can be operated at any time at all, from any part of the world
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