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If your company operates in the financial services industry then you will be aware of the rules set out by The Finance Conduct Authority (FCA). Not keeping a record of client communications including letters and associated emails would leave your firm open to an accusation of a breach. For most companies, email is the most important way of communicating so naturally email archiving has become a business necessity not just for the organisation and security of corporate documents but also for compliance.

Our Email Archive software solution ensures your company is meeting the appropriate compliance requirements. It runs alongside your email server (or hosted email account), taking a copy of every mail that you send and receive, storing it securely and ensuring nothing can be deleted or modified in any way.

Set-up is quick with no extensive migration process, has low cost, minimal system requirements and any size business can benefit. Whether you want to meet compliance requirements or simply protect yourself from data loss, this solution has many benefits and is user friendly!

What are the benefits for business?


Email Archive meets a growing number of regulations on email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legislation and is also an important tool that helps these companies protect themselves against general legal risk or customer complaints.

Financial gain

Email Archive can eliminate the risks of data Loss both technical or accidental and shields against financial risks and legal conflicts connected to it. Email Archive can increase productivity within your company as all users can access their emails easily and extremely fast. Email Archive can permanently reduce the cost of increasing file storage which can benefit your IT budget.

Technical Advantages

  • Employees can take advantage of a one click file restore
  • Email Archive eliminates the need to use mailbox quotas to reduce capacity
  • Mail server is backed up and restored more quickly in the event of a failure
  • Email Archive is designed for large data volumes and reduces storage requirement
  • Email Archive enables all emails in the company to be stored in a central location
  • Every user can still access all emails with Email Archive when a mail server is out of service or data is lost.

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