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Hosted email that makes commercial sense!

The ‘Cloud’ is everywhere and the pervasive quest for greater mobility has driven a proliferation of smartphones, tablets and fl exible-working from personally owned laptop and desktop computers as well as the adoption of hosted email services such as Microsoft’s Offi ce 365 by an increasing number of corporate enterprises as organisations seek to control the infrastructure and operating cost of messaging now that it is being considered a ‘commodity’ service.

Unquestionably Offi ce 365 can provide a comprehensive platform encompassing messaging and productivity applications wrapped into an ongoing services agreement, but many small and medium business users do not require the product or licencing complexity of Microsoft’s solution.

Network Exchange provides the operating features of a fully hosted Microsoft Exchange service simply, effi ciently and cost-effectively, and is ideal for businesses considering upgrading their on-premise solutions in line with Microsoft’s roadmap of distributed services.

Whether you are a start-up or established business, our standard mailbox cost of £4.95 per month is competitive, and our team is on hand to advise and assist with your setup and migration, including the confi guration of supported devices.

Where is my data stored?

With Network Exchange all your message data is stored within the UK at two geographically-remote replicated Data centres; Microsoft’s Offi ce 365 data is currently held in Datacentres outside of the UK within the auspices of the US Patriot Act meaning that message data can be accessed.

What about support?

It’s our branded system, and our control panel, so we have the visibility to manage your messages to a similar level as we might an on-premise Microsoft Exchange system.

Are there any limits on how I can use the email?

Aside from an operating agreement stipulation that it must not be used for criminal, offensive or SPAM marketing purposes there are specifi ed limits to the message and mailbox sizes and message volumes (much like any managed Exchange system) – most exceeding the limits imposed on Offi ce 365 so therefore providing greater freedom – these are unlikely to prove restrictive to normal email users.

Would incorporating Network Exchange be a quick set up procedure?

The process of transferring accounts to Network Exchange is normally a swift procedure. Certain elements can slow down the process such as the amount of data to be transferred and the version of Outlook installed but our technicians will advise and ensure minimal disruption.

Can I have multiple mailbox accounts?

Adding mail boxes is a procedure that can easily be implemented and for a small fee your additional account/s can be up and running in no time.

Can I transfer from another host?

Unless you are a new business with no existing email account, all mail accounts would be from another host and transfer dealt with accordingly by our IT technicians.

What are the advantages for SMEs?

Network Computing’s Network Exchange provides businesses with low cost hosted email structured to fi t small to medium organisation with minimal licensing and complexity compared to Microsoft’s solution. Easily upgrade to an on-premise resolution with minimal disruption and dedicated support.

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