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World Wide Web & Cloud

Businesses are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance results whilst cutting costs and maximising value. Innovative technologies are playing a big part in this and organisations of all sizes and types are moving to the cloud and away from traditional IT methods.

What can your business gain from using cloud services?

  • Businesses can increase capacity or add resources quickly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Ultimately, it can save companies a considerable amount of money.
  • Cloud computing has made it possible for smaller companies to compete on an even playing field with much bigger competitors as ‘Renting’ IT services instead of investing in hardware and software makes them much more affordable.
  • Unlike traditional file storage solutions, you simply pay for the file storage space and outgoing bandwidth that you actually use.

Cloud based solutions for your business

Network computing offer numerous cloud based solutions popular with small to medium sized businesses.

Hosted Email

Businesses are relying more and more on using email as their primary source of communication both in-house and externally. As more organisations look for a secure, reliable email solution that will not cost the earth, they are increasingly turning to hosted email plans.

The main advantages of hosted email versus an in-house email solution is that it offers a huge mailbox capacity, means staying up-to-date with recent security measures and anti-spam and it guarantees higher-levels of uptime, all going towards making your business run more efficiently and cost-effectively overall.

Network Computing’s Network Exchange

Our service offers you your own ‘domain’ email whilst enjoying full access through Outlook, Outlook Web Access, iOS (iPhone & iPad) & Android along with shared Calendars & Folders so you can work as a team making Outlook email messages and attachments accessible from anywhere; all the key benefits of Exchange without the up-front investment!

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Office 365

As employees increasingly require access to work files away from the office, businesses are investing in ways to achieve this and Microsoft Office 365 is becoming a popular resolution.

Network Computing offer Microsoft Office 365 which comprises of “cloud” versions of the Office suite you already rely on and are familiar with. For a small monthly fee you can now be provided with the latest versions, licences and upgrades but only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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Data Centre

Cloud storage is growing in popularity due to the benefits it provides, such as simplistic cost structure, anywhere access and no in-house maintenance and management.

We always recommend local backup of all critical data, though any good Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan should also be considerate of the benefits of using the cloud for core files and volume-images to provide a ‘belt and brace’ solution.

Network Computing’s Data Centre

Recent investment has made it possible for our customers to benefit from our award winning Data Centre, located in secure facilities close to our offices near Maidstone in Kent. Network Computing will ensure your business data is available and accessible and the environment protected and running. Businesses can benefit from 24/7/365 secure hosted servers, a Disaster Recovery Suite for occupation should an event or circumstance affect access to their own office facilities and we also offer an affordable Co-Location option for our clients who wish to locate their own rack-mounted hardware within our Data Centre.

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Network Computing’s Private Cloud

Private Cloud allows company corporate networks and data centre administrators to effectively become in-house ‘service providers’ purchasing, setting up and managing their own clouds. The infrastructure may be shared among different applications, but it’s only ever used by your organisation.

Many devices today make use of Public Cloud storage as embodied in Apple iCloud, Microsoft Skydrive, and Google Drive – but is your data truly safe and secure? Network Computing can set you up your own Private Cloud so you know exactly where your data is and who can have access to it.

Which Cloud Service is best for my business?

Does my business best suit a private cloud option or do we invest in a Hybrid service? Read our quick check guide or speak to one of our technicians on 01732 522225.

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